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Welcome to the first post on Insights, our new blog which will give you a look at the latest views, discoveries & trends affecting the insurance industry in Australia & worldwide.

We will stay on top of the ever evolving technical & business practice changes taking place in all aspects of the insurance market and give you some of the benefit of our experience and research. The blog will also be a great source for the latest and best insurance related white papers, software product reviews and setting the benchmark as an insurance knowledge portal.

Written by 3CA’s very own principal consultants, whose expertise in insurance projects scans three decades. We will bring you insights based on our transformation practice in all manner of insurance business lines from life to pet insurance, travel to motor insurance, home & contents to consumer credit insurance, marine to health insurance….in fact I’m not sure we’ve found a line of business one of our consultants hasn’t encountered over the years.

3CA technical experts will keep you abreast of the technical revolution that’s taking place across the market, with ideas on E-commerce trends, the digital customer experience and how to make social media work for your insurance brand and products.

Our project governance guru’s will show you some new ideas on how to ensure your project dollar goes further and stays safe. They will provide a detailed look at traditional & radical project execution framework’s and outline how to determine whether they are right for your insurance project needs. By the way if you haven’t already, you really should check out 3CAP, the insurance specific methodology practice which works with any project execution framework. It’s already making quite a difference to the way successful insurance transformation projects are being run.

Please let us know if there are any subjects you’d like to know more about or would like us to feature. We always want to make sure we cover every angle for you.

And we promise you this, by following us we will make you look at the insurance industry in a whole new way.

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