Safer and faster, we have made it possible...
Safer and faster, we have made it possible...

Technology Transformation

3CA will deliver your project, meeting your goals in shorter timeframes because we have the security and reliability of our dynamic consultants and 3CAP, our proven industry specific methodology.

3CA knows that delivering on technology change is not just about smart developers. Our consultants are armed with a wealth of insurance knowledge and empowered by the 3CAP methodology to:

  • deliver proactive project governance through real insurance industry experience and insight
  • effectively govern projects with quality standardised reporting
  • ask the right questions
  • offer informed advice on future industry trends
  • design dynamic business and technology solutions
  • develop quality software that enhances your business
  • provide quality testing through traceability from business goals to the deployed solution.
  • influence smooth change through business buy in and an understanding of industry roles


Why Choose 3CA

Leading Edge Insight 3CA are continuously studying the insurance and technology landscape and setting the trend. We are always looking at ways to help customers make smarter, safer, faster and better informed choices when undertaking transformation projects large or small.
Dynamic 3CAP Methodology Through 3CAP, our cutting edge, flexible, insurance transformation methodology, we can guarantee;

  • reduced business impact
  • increased solution ownership
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars saved
Specialist ConsultantsEvery single 3CA consultant has extensive industry experience and is trained to the highest level in insurance. We have a passion to make a difference. When you meet a 3CA consultant you know they understand your business. Our proactive sharing of knowledge will empower your team to set the benchmarks for project delivery in your business.
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