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PCI-DSS Outsourcing the Risk – Can’t someone else do it »

    When was the last time you gave a complete stranger your credit card? How many people know what your credit card number is? You wouldn’t leave your wallet or purse on a table and walk away from it. Why do you provide your credit card details to businesses such as your Internet provider, Electricity provider or Insurance company? Continue reading »


History of the risk free world – Part Two »

    Welcome to the second part of our look at the history of insurance. We ended part one with a look back at beginning’s of health and life insurance in the Greek & Roman empires. It wasn’t until medieval & the early modern times that insurance started to take on a form easily recognisable today. Continue reading »


History of the risk free world – Part One »

    Most people buy it and hope they will never need it. Some work with it every day, in fact if you’re reading this blog there a good chance you do too. It’s advertised in virtually every TV break and brings income of over $4,000bn to its global sector. It’s the insurance industry but did you ever ask how it all started? Let’s step back in time to the ancient world. Continue reading »


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