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3CA provided expert consultants with great insight into our industry. Their input was fundamental to the delivery of our reinsurance integration project. I only wish I’d brought them in sooner.

— Operations Manager, Leader in the life reinsurance industry

3CA Know Insurance

3CA are a pace setting consultancy specialising in Australian insurance transformation and technology projects.

Our unique insurance focused methodology practice 3CAP, coupled with high quality consulting services, sets us apart from general consultancies.

If you are starting a new project or having
difficulty implementing an existing project
we are here to lead the way forward.

Recent Insight

Posted by Robert Lee
The Pursuit of Insurtech – Product Management »

Imagine a world without insurance products, life as we know it would be a lot scarier because many things that we take for granted every day would be exposed to financial dangers Continue reading…

Industry Facts

  • Roughly 40 percent of all insurance projects fail to meet business requirements.

  • The average cancelled project is scheduled to last 27 weeks and is cancelled on week 14, which results in at least $1 million spent each year on work that does not lead to successful business outcomes.

  • The average insurance organization annually ties up 10 percent of its staff on work that contributes no value to the business.

  • Project team members are keenly aware of a project’s doom a full six weeks before it is finally cancelled by management, who failed to recognize it as quickly.

  • For these failed projects, an average of 11 team members end up coming to work and contributing nothing of value for those six weeks.

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